10 Secret Affiliate Marketing Growth Hacks Review

Looking for ways to boost your affiliate marketing earnings? Check out these top affiliate marketing hacks to increase your commissions and conversions! From building relationships with your audience to leveraging social media, learn the best strategies to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Start implementing these hacks today and watch your earnings soar! 

10 affiliate marketing hacks which can be useful for any marketer

Top 10 Useful Secret Affiliate Marketing Growth Hacks

Super Affiliate Hacks

Here are the Top 10 Secret Elite Affiliate Marketing Hacks that made a powerful and extremely useful difference (big and small) in the growth of my affiliate business in which I suggest to anyone who wants to start and scale an affiliate business today:

1. Build an audience 

- traffic sources sometimes work and sometimes don't. They could also bobber, causing great anxiety and uncertainty. An audience will give you a firm sense of security and a peace of mind. You will own a digital asset that will produce sales for you.

- I've dipped into all kinds of internet media and email is by far my #1 RETURN ON INVESTMENT producer. If I said "no" to email today, I'd be leaving an untold amounts of money on the table.

3. Promote products you believe in 

- it's hard to promote something you secretly hate. You will pull your punches. Promote products you love and would recommend to your mother.

4. Cross-promote complementary offers 

- when is the best time to sell your customers something? The moment they bought something else from you. People enjoy buying stuff. Always ask what's the next promotion?

5. Segment your buyers into a separate list 

- buyer is a buyer. Cherish the people who earn you money. They're hard to find and easy to lose.

6. Make more offers 

- your income is directly proportionate to the amount of times you ask for money. So ask more often.

- traffic is hard. Each traffic source burdens you with a long learning curve. Once you've tapped into a source that works, stick to it, hone it, and drill it as deep as you can before moving over to the next one.

8. Use templates where possible to save time 

- coming up with marketing material from scratch is hard. If you figured out a formula, use it. You will make more by producing lots of good marketing, than a little bit of great marketing.

9. You can't improve what you don't measure 

- track your clicks, leads and sales. If you don't, how would you know if it's working or not?

10. Look for markets, not products 

- rabid irrational markets are best.

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P.S. Since we're both matured grownup adults, let's talk about something pretty awful I see on the internet these days.

I literally call them the "Entrepreneur Leftovers..."

It simply goes like this...

Strategy 1: A guru creates an affiliate product and sells it.

Strategy 2: Another guru takes the product and rehashes it into his own words.

Strategy 3: A third guru repeats the process and THAT'S the one you end up purchasing.

That's like going to a seafood restaurant where the food you're eating was already prepared by a better chef.... TWICE.

Now, this wouldn't really be a problem if the product is excellent.

But I'm telling you from my real experience - by the time you get to sloppy thirds, you have on your hands a LOUSY marketing product of no value.

They go on to offer advice like:

You're too smart to fall for all that crap.

Same Online Course, Different Guru.

So what do you really do?

You stay away from this kind of affiliate marketing hacks.

They'll make you waste precious time, resources, and annoy your friends and family in the process (Ok, a slight jab at the MLM crowd)

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But someone who's been doing the business for 10+ years.

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