Netflix Just Explained Why Workers Over 40 Are Going To Be Broke

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Netflix Story: Debt Free Plan

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This is based on a true story, shared by an online entrepreneur.

Bobby hops into his truck and backs out of the drive way.

He is on his way to work on this cold Ohio night.

Bobby is driving to work at the new Fuyao factory a Chinese billionaire built where the old GM facility (that was shut down few years ago) once was. Bobby is grateful to have been hired at Fuyao, because he couldn't find a job ever since the General Motors plant shut down.

You see, Bobby is 62 and no one will hire an old GM guy anymore.

And those who would, would never pay fair wages.

In fact, to get hired at Fuyao, Bobby had to cut a huge pay cut. He went from making $24/hour at GM to making just $13 at Fuyao, where he's competing against Chinese employees, who abandoned their families in China to come work in America. 

They keep their heads down as they put in 12 hour work days with one 30 minute break.

While Bobby, having nowhere to go, shows up for work today, there are nearly a thousand ex-Fuyao employees who are barricading the factory gates holding signs demanding higher wages. 

These people are trying to organize a Union that would fight for fair wages and work terms.

But the Chinese billionaire factory owner won't budge. They've got more than enough desperate souls to work the stations.

Eventually, the angry mob of frustrated ex-Fuyao employees manage to get a vote going, where each employee can make their voice heard, in their quest for higher pay.

As the vote day approaches, a clear message is coming from management - if you vote for a Union, you will be out of a job. And if you vote against it, you will keep your job. 

Vote results came in.

2,600 against forming a Union.

900 in favour of forming a Union.

Union supporters were asked to come back to work on old terms after the hard-to-swallow loss. Those who refused were asked to pack their locker contents in a box and were escorted from the premises. 

The rest kept their head down and worked their stations for below minimum wage.

For most of them - that's how the rest of their lives will look like no matter the inflation, health issues that will come up along the way, increase in living expenses or anything else.

In other words, they're doomed!

This is a true story as depicted in a Netflix documentary called American Factory that serves as a wake up call for workers all around the world.

This is the reality and it's only going to get worse.

The movie ends on a really sour note for employees as the camera showing Fuyao board celebrating having figured out a way to replace another 1,000 workers with machines that don't complain about wages, don't ask for longer lunch breaks or health benefits. 

The robots will work 7 days a week, cost less to operate and make the company more money.

This is where it's all going.

Even if you have a job now, you may not have one few years (or even a few months) down the road.

So you better make your own damn job.

Consider the "job" I created for myself, that's currently paying me 10,903.00 per day (enable images)

"These days you either take what they give you, or stay home and collect unemployment. God forbids you're old or sick, you can forget about having a real job. That's why you better create your own source of income or even several using my system."

I never liked the idea of asking for a raise or otherwise begging for money or asking for handouts.

I remember when I worked in the Isrotel Hotel at the Dead Sea Resorts in Israel, once month I took on a ton of overtime. I must've worked 16 hours straight almost everyday. Often, I'd miss the last bus and stay at the hotel, so I could start early the next morning.

I was working extra hard to save up for a laptop. I needed 1,200 dollars. I figured I'd work really hard for one month and I'd have enough money to buy.

On the 10th of the month I got my paystub and my pay check.

In spite of putting in a ton of hours, I was 300 dollars short of my $1,200 laptop goal. I also noticed that the more hours I worked, the more they took out of my pay check for breaks, health insurance and things like that.

That was the last month I took overtime.

I realized there's no way I can make a living when someone else decides what I get paid.

In fact, it dawned on me, they were incentivized to pay me less, in any way they could, because they've had thousands of employees, and everyone wanted a piece of the action.

I decided to build my own source of income.