Affiliate Marketing Motivation Post: Success Stories & Secrets Revealed

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Motivational Story: Real Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

The following guest post is a true motivational story of 2 individuals. 

One is an inspirational affiliate marketing success & the other an affiliate marketing failure: (SIMPLE SECRETS REVEALED)

Jane is a kindergarten school teacher from Los Angeles.

She is totally obsessed and loves working with kids.

But with the rising inflation cost of living in her area, she's been trying to make some income as a side hustle.

She isn't planning to quit her day job as yet. She just needs a little bit extra to plug in a few holes.

Jane met Mary, an assistant nurse from New York City, at a free seminar they both attended about starting a home business.

Mary also likes her job, but recently moved into a brand new home and is struggling to keep up with the heavy monthly mortgage payments.

She's been dipping deep into her savings account to bridge the gap, barely surviving.

But unfortunately her savings won't last long.

She has to figure out a way real fast before disaster strikes.

After the end of the seminar both women head home to start working on their affiliate marketing businesses.

Jane ultimately decides to avoid any risk and starts to use free traffic methods to generate leads.

She becomes hyper active on social media platforms namely Facebook, adding a bunch of people from all kinds of groups, pitching her affiliate link to them in private chats.

She lies through her teeth, making it seem like she's already very successful and that she's helping tons of people.

Of course, in reality, she didn't help a single person yet. Not even herself.

Jane has been really putting in the hours into this free traffic generation project.

As a matter of fact she even called up her daughter and asked to help her setup a website. Her daughter is an engineer in website software development, so she helped. She taught her how to update it and everything related.

The only problem is, in between her 9 to 5 job and caring for her sick husband, Jane really can't find the time to sit down creating tons of content for the site.

So she naturally falls into the rabbit hole of automated software programs that promise fast turnaround, shortcuts, easy solutions and quick results.

8 months go by.

Jane spends thousands of dollars, but has nothing to show for it. Her affiliate account is still showing a big fat zero.

She then angrily decides to attend another seminar.

This time it's a paid seminar that's all about getting website traffic online.

She runs into Mary at the registration desks.

They get talking and Jane finds out that Mary's here to give a motivational speech about her booming online business from home.

It just turns out, in those 8 months that turned out to be difficult for Jane, Mary has been silently enjoying exponential growth and breakthrough discovery in her online business.

She is well on track to hit her goal of +$10,000 per month.

Unlike Mary, she hadn't used free traffic at all, right from the beginning. She knew deep inside that she couldn't afford the extra time needed to truly master the learning curve.

So she went all in for paid traffic using a little-known paid traffic source almost no one talks about.

She dipped slightly into her savings to get going with this paid traffic income source and within a short time recouped back her initial investment, put the money back into her nest egg, and continued to scale and climb until she crossed the first $100 a day milestone.

Mary literally didn't have to give up precious time with her family or take days off work.

In fact, no one at work even knows of her little secret side project that's going to make her more this month part-time than she's making working full time as an assistant nurse.

Mary's already planning her dream 3 months vacation around the coast United States in a fancy RV.

Now that she's fully confident she can make things happen from any corner of the world, she can comfortably take this time off work, without her revenue taking any major hit.

So what's this little-known traffic source?

Find out in this webinar where I'm going to show the massive traffic source that got Mary off to such an incredible start with her online digital business.

During this webinar you're going to find out the exact traffic source I use to generate +900,000 unique quality visitors in just 30 days.

I will also share about the one single tweak you should apply to all your traffic campaigns to practically guarantee you're going to breakeven on your traffic when you run it.


Motivation Summary: 

Something unusually strange phenomena occurs when you set clear, inspiring income goals. Your mind starts to throttle at full speed, developing income plans to achieve your targets. Opportunities you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise suddenly flashes your eye. You get surges of motivation that start to show you the way. Because your mind is a VERY powerful tool... but it will only do what you ASK it to do. So start asking for more. Give yourself a clear target and unlock your hidden powers! It all starts with knowing exactly what you want.

Watch this video and learn exactly how to set your income goals.

Affiliate Marketing Motivational Quotes: Top 7 Tips To Remember

My very personal top 7 advice for you is to:

1) Honestly & genuinely enjoy your learning progress (and enjoy what you're doing).

2) Embrace the minor wins on the way!

3) Celebrate your major wins! 

4) Understand that there will be ups and downs -- Do not get nervous about your affiliate website because traffic and earnings will be volatile. That's just the mother nature of any online business!

5) Don't be distracted by any negativity whatsoever. 

6) Keep on climbing the learning ladder and just FOCUS on ONE thing at a time. 

7) Remember to spare time for offline life such as having fun with your friends and family. 

Doing each of these consistently and keeping things realistic helps you stay positive & motivated in your affiliate marketing journey!

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