Top 3 Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing Offers 

Discover the top paid strategies for driving traffic to your affiliate marketing campaigns and boost your earnings. 

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Affiliate Marketing Traffic Strategies

Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing where websites are rewarded for sending traffic to other sites. You can easily setup a website in only 30 minutes.

It’s a popular way to make money online, but it can be hard to find the right affiliate programs and the right traffic sources to promote them. 

Paid traffic is an important part of any marketing strategy. 

The paid traffic sources are diverse in nature and it can be hard to choose the right one for your business. 

Some of the popular paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing are: 

Facebook ads - Facebook ads are a great way to connect with people who share similar interests and values. They also provide an easy way to promote your business. However, they can be tricky to set up and manage. You may not know what works best until you try it out. That’s why we recommend starting small and testing different strategies before investing too much money into your campaign or you can enroll in the mastery course.

Instagram ads - Instagram ads are a great way to promote your business and gain exposure. You can use them to advertise your products, services, and brand. There are many different types of Instagram ads, including carousel ads, video ads, and sponsored stories. 

YouTube ads - The true cost of  advertising YouTube videos is usually based on the amount of views. A single view can typically cost between $0.05 to $0.55, based on your industry niche and target audience. You can spend as much or as little as you want, it is up to you. If your budget is limited, then YouTube ads are an affordable option than google ads.

LinkedIn adsLinkedIn ads are a kind of social media advertising that enables companies to target and reach potential clients through the LinkedIn interface. LinkedIn ads can be very effective in reaching target audiences as they allow companies to specifically target individuals based upon their interests, job titles, or other professional-based factors. These are expensive advertisements that require a huge budget. 

Google ads - Google search ads are among the most effective traffic sources for affiliate marketing because they can be targeted towards specific keywords. However, if you're planning to advertise your affiliate links on Google search ads, make sure you know what the company's policies are regarding bridge pages. Some companies prohibit them, others allow them, and some require you to get permission before you place them.

Pinterest AdsAs an affiliate marketeer, you can use Pinterest ads to reach a wider audience. Here are some tips on how to get started:  

- Use high quality images in your ads.  

- Write compelling ad copy.  

- Target your ads carefully.  

- Pin relevant items to boards.

Reddit ads - are advertisements that appear at the top of reddit pages. These advertisements are paid for by advertisers who pay to have their ad displayed on the page. Advertisers choose what subreddits they want to advertise in based on demographics and interests. There are many different types of ads, including text links, image links, video links, and even polls. Get $100 in free ad credit when you sign up.

Best Paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

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traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Website Traffic Generation Sources & Strategies Explained

This is a Straight Up Review By IGOR KHEIFETS On How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing & The Best Sources For Your Affiliate Offers.

Here are top 3 ways (sources) to get traffic to your affiliate marketing website and blog.

This can be categorized into the following types of website traffic methods. 

Almost all affiliate marketing traffic sources are derived from these three common ways.

1. Free Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources

You can earn it by creating tons of content. 

Think bloggers, social media influencers, writers, YouTubers and anyone who uploads content to the internet on daily or hourly basis. They're spitting content at this giant monster called the internet and it's swallowing it whole every day. 

Some of these people get a lot of traffic. Most people who try this strategy never hit critical mass to accumulate any decent lead flow. 

Plus, the quality of the traffic is questionable and requires a lot of recycling to convert. I tried earning my traffic for the first 3 years online. I never worked harder in my life. And I've never gotten so little in return.

2. Paid Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources

You can buy clicks from Facebook Ads or Google Ads. 

Straight up. Pay a dollar and get a click. Pure and simple transactional traffic. The benefit of this traffic source, when it works, you can scale it up further. 

But the downside to this method is clear: it's pretty expensive. It also requires massive hours of investment to optimize ads & campaigns: to a point where you are forced to hire an advertising agency to manage your ads. 

I've had success for the first time with this approach. 

I was finally able to drive some traffic and make money. It was really scary because it required me to commit cash upfront without any confidence in the final result. I lost money trying to figure out paid traffic and I think it's an investment that paid off really well for me. 

When I started with paid traffic, it was much simpler than it is today. I used to just turn an ad on and watched it generate leads. It's totally different now. 

It's much harder now. It's more expensive now. It's more complicated & technical. Not as simple as it used to be. I still spend close to $20,000 a year on paid traffic, but it's not my primary traffic method anymore. (according to Igor)

3. Best & Cheap Traffic Source

You can loan it from Lead Bank Sources. 

This smart way of lead generating traffic allows you to borrow the best traffic from other people (we call them Lead Bank Networks) for a rather affordable budget friendly fee. 

This way you just don't have to work for the traffic anymore, you get it really quick and at the same time it's reasonably cheap, compared to Google Ads, Native Ads and Facebook, with the exception of Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads)

This traffic is of much higher quality than social media traffic. It needs no optimization or split testing. It's a set it and forget it kind of traffic source. I explain how it works in this video

The reason it's called "traffic loaning" is because you don't pay upfront. You pay only after you get the traffic delivered and only for the traffic that resulted in successful conversions.


This traffic source has now become the #1 way I use to drive extremely high quality traffic and generate leads consistently.

I no longer go out there to hunt tirelessly for my traffic.

I no longer put huge amounts of money at risk hoping for the best outcome.

I no longer optimize and split test A/B.

I just simply have others do it and I only pay for results.


P.S. I used the "loaning" technique to generate 967,822 extreme quality clicks in 30 days. 

I paid for these clicks. But not all of them. Only for those clicks that turned into leads. The rest - I didn't get charged a penny for. 

Learn more about how to execute my new traffic source.

Super Cheap Traffic Sources

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