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There are only two things that move human beings to action: PAIN and PLEASURE. 

The carrot and the stick. 

But most of us would do MUCH more to avoid pain than we ever would gain pleasure. 

And hey, if that’s what’s going to move you to finally make the DECISION and commit to creating a life of prosperity…

Then that’s what I’ll give you.

Here are some stats to get you MOVING out of the “middle class”, paycheck to paycheck reality:

The National Institute on Retirement Security reports that most people getting ready to retire have $3,000 - $12,000 to their name.

How could anyone possibly live with nothing but that to their name? The answer is they can’t.

And the harsh truth is that, unless you DO something about your situation, chances are you too will end up as a burden to your family, instead of becoming a solid rock they can lean on. 

Surveys show most Americans don't have $1,000 in their bank account. 

What if an emergency comes up? An expensive sickness, the car gets broken, maybe you or your partner get laid off…

What then?

Most people end up going even further into debt, tightening the rope around their necks even further. 

The average debt for an American Household? $16,000 on credit cards ONLY.

Add in mortgages, student loans, and auto loans and the total shoots beyond $130,000.

Do you think most people will EVER be able to get out of such crushing debt? When they’re borrowing from next month to pay the bills for this month?

Not likely. Not unless they realize that life NEVER gets better by chance. 

If it is to get better, it must be by CHANGE.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you want a better lifestyle, more money, more time with your family…You are the only person who can make that happen.

And it all starts with a DECISION. With DECIDING that you’re committed to MAKING it better. That’s what I want you to do TODAY. That’s what I want you to CHOOSE today. 

If the pleasure of your dream lifestyle is not enough to get you moving...I hope the real stats I presented you with today will.

Once you make a decision, you’ll find a way. I don’t doubt that one bit. 

It may take you a while… or you can use this to get there faster.

What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA Simply Means Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action.

It’s different from affiliate marketing because instead of convincing a reader to purchase a product (difficult), you’re convincing them to perform an action (easier). 

An action, for instance, could be them entering their name/email address into a opt-in box. They do that, you get paid. Simple! 

You get paid for every lead instead of every sale, which is great because it requires a lot less groundwork (trust me, it’s lot more difficult to convince someone to purchase something than it is to convince them to do something for free). 

Because companies understand how profitable lead generation can be to them, there’s actually a lot of money to be made in CPA Marketing

As a CPA Marketer, it will be your job to generate leads for a CPA Network, who then sell them on to big companies for profit. 

It’s a lot more simple than I’m making it out to be, don’t worry. 

You’ll need to sign up to a CPA Network first of all, and a quick Google search of “CPA Networks” will uncover thousands of networks for you to sink your teeth into and get started. Some of the best CPA affiliate programs like Maxbounty can be tricky to get approved.

How To Get Accepted By A CPA Network 

Now, you probably won’t get accepted by every network you apply to be a part of (it’s free to apply by the way, so apply for a whole bunch of them!), and that’s perfectly normal. 

However, I’ve come up with some tips that will help you land the best networks. 

Big Tip: 

Call them right away. I mean, as soon as you send the application, give them a call (they typically have their contact numbers on their homepage). 

Here’s what you say: 

 “Hey. I’ve just applied to be a part of your CPA Network and would like to get my account approved as soon as possible. I have a campaign I’d like to run starting next week. This works because it shows you’re serious (not everybody calls up), and that you know what you’re doing (you have a campaign ready to go). 

There are some questions they will ask you (nothing scary, don’t worry!). Just generic business stuff like: 

They’ll also ask for your website. You probably don’t have one (but if you do, send them that), so just tell them you’ll be creating unique landing pages for each and every offer you promote.  Here is list of CPA Marketing Tools.

Of course, you don’t have to call them up if you don’t like (I know a lot of people are shy about using the phone, so don’t worry). You can get accepted without doing that, but it generally takes longer (3-7 days) and you won’t always be accepted. 

When you call up, the chances of you being accepted are improved, and the rate of acceptance is MUCH quicker (by the end of the call). 

How To Pick An Offer To Promote 

This is where the money is made, so it’s important to get this right. 

It’s really not that difficult - especially once you know what you’re doing. 

You’ll want to find out what CPA offers are currently converting the best. The easiest way to do this? ... 

Ask your affiliate manager (you’re automatically assigned an affiliate manager by the network). 

They will tell you what’s converting best, and also what offers to avoid. 

Or, do the research yourself. 

Look through the offers in a particular niche. 

For example, I will look in the “email submit offers” (as they convert well for me) and pick out certain offers I think I can make work (like a “Sign-Up Now For a Chance To Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card!” offer). 

There’s not a lot more to say about picking an offer to promote, it’s really quite simple! 

How To Promote Your Cost Per Action Offers

So, you’ve decided on an offer to promote, so how do you go about promoting it and earning yourself some cash? 

The easiest way is to do it online (d’uh). 

CPA Marketing Method 1 

This can be accomplished for free, which is always a bonus, and is an awesome way to earn some quick money. 

Using the example I posted above, regarding the $500 gift card, I’ll show you how I go about promoting. 

First of all, don’t worry about traffic. Nope! 

I just need to figure out where people who like free stuff (like gift cards, vouchers, coupons) go to hang out online. And it really isn’t rocket science. 

I search, for example, “coupon forum”, and Google spits out loads of forums for me to look at (sweet!). 

Forums are great because the people that frequent them are targeted and engaged and looking for what you’re offering! 

Typically, forums like this have a “free” section, where members giveaway stuff to other members for free (brilliant opportunity for us!). 

So, what I’d do is: Sign up to the forum. Contribute in some other threads (generally being helpful), and once I’ve got a few posts under my belt (5-10), I’ll head over to the “free” section and make my own thread. 

I word it like I’m genuinely being helpful and giving something away. This way, people trust me and don’t think I’m spamming them. 

I say something like: 

"Hey guys, you can win a $500 Amazon gift card just by filling out this form. Really easy.” 

Don’t paste your affiliate link in there because then it’s obvious you’re trying to make a quick buck. 

Instead, use anchor text (so the link is hidden by the text; Google it if you’re uncertain, it’s really easy and takes literally 2 seconds). 

CPA Marketing Method 2 

This method requires you to have some money upfront that you’re willing to invest. 

Honestly, I’d recommend starting with Method 1 first, simply because it’s free, and if you decide CPA Marketing isn’t for you, then you haven’t lost anything. 

What you do, is you find a forum in your target market (like the coupon forum). Find one that’s popular but doesn’t have very many advertisements (because you want to approach them with an offer, and if they don’t have advertisements already, you can generally get a good deal). 

Forums are run by normal, everyday people (usually), who don’t have much of a clue about how much to charge for advertisement space. 

Find the webmaster’s contact details (usually at the bottom of the forum), and email asking them if they’d be willing to feature your banner advertisement for a month for x amount of dollars. 

If they say yes, great, if not, move on to the next forum. 

Your network will provide you with banner advertisements. Simply grab one you find appealing and send them over! EASY. 

That’s all for now folks but if you’d like to learn more about CPA Marketing, then go ahead and sign up here: >>> To Sign Up - CLICK HERE <<<

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