[BPO] Business Process Outsourcing: Leverage the Power of Outsourcing Your Business


Outsourcing your online business is a powerful & effective strategy to make more money while working much lesser. This is a simple process that increases business productivity in terms of providing more valuable time to the core areas of  your or in fact any business, whether small or medium sized or even a home based working job.

What does outsourcing means? 

Outsourcing is defined as a business process of hiring people or companies to do your work, perform services, or any tedious jobs at an agreed price. 

Leverage The True Power of Outsourcing Your Business Activities.

Just how much countless different activities do you do to run your online business?

This is a way overlooked question in which surprisingly many beginner & even advanced bloggers, YouTubers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs don’t really care to ask themselves or are too afraid to.

However, it’s an important crucial question because:

1) Overdoing everything will always lead to burnout.

2) Overdoing essentially means not having enough time to really grow or focus.

3) Overdoing pretty much stops you from enjoying life and downtime.

4) Overdoing can eventually lead to poor health, constant stress, and sleepless nights.

For example I run an online website relating to online business & digital marketing which mainly involves blogging, writing, usual admin work, and general website management.

However, I do occasionally outsource tasks and projects for better & faster results and simply to make my business life easier. 

Outsourcing Examples

Here are some activities I’ve outsourced:

Business Outsourcing Services

Top Two Gig Economy Leaders:

Globally speaking the best freelancer marketplaces are Fiverr and Upwork.

Fiverr is rapidly transforming how the world works together. The Covid Pandemic has made it evidently clear with the exponential growth of “Work From Home New Economy” in the recent years.

Its a robust platform that easily connects all forms of businesses with talent instantly.

Fiverr sellers can conveniently offer digital services in more than 350 categories and 10 verticals, including graphic design, digital marketing, online business, writing, programming, video, data, music, and lifestyle.

Upwork provides services to everyone from single person startups to 30 percent of the prominent Fortune 100 with yet again a robust, trust-driven platform. It strategically combines companies and freelancers to work simultaneously in innovative ways. Its verticals include IT (Information Technology), design, sales, marketing projects, writing jobs, administration, finance, and accounting.

Fiverr vs Upwork: Which Company is Better?

There are benefits/drawbacks to Fiverr and Upwork, so it isn’t a case of which is better. It’s more about what your requirements are and your budgeting capacity.

Fiverr can be rated excellent for startups, lean businesses, and individuals exploring ways to make money online, business ideas or side hustles. It’s perfect for small, tedious, quick jobs and tends to be more cost-effective than compared to Upwork with services commencing as low as $5.

Upwork is more of a viable solution for already established businesses, companies and individuals. It offers a project-based environment for work lasting weeks, months, or several years. Freelancers in this particular platform will typically charge hourly rates but will accept flat fees.

Hidden Outsourcing Solutions

Spending more quality time where you excel and doing the things you truly love starts with outsourcing. Save time and outsource today. Secondly, you should hire freelancers who have excellent feedback ratings/comments and pay them reasonably & fairly. If you try to cut corners on freelancer qualifications and compensation, your outsourcing strategy may ultimately backfire (causing you more work/stress and less sleep).


The digital age has ushered in a new era of work. No longer is it necessary for businesses to have a physical office space filled with full-time employees. With the help of the internet and advances in communication technology, businesses are now able to outsource their digital work to remote workers located all over the globe.