Affiliate Marketing Content Strategy Tutorial: 

11 Steps To Successful Content Development

Importance of Content Marketing

There is a lot of intense competition in SEO and PPC, but content marketing is still the king of affiliate strategies, and it always has been. Content marketing is still providing exceptional results, despite the rapidly shifting web dynamics and tracking systems. 

Content marketing has a part in everything from increasing audience trust to enhancing conversions, interacting with customers and their needs, and generating high quality leads. So I thought I'd give a simple tutorial in the form of easy to understand infographic to help you create some fantastic and highly effective content. Here's something awesome to start with for your blueprint. 

Follow the guide carefully and implement all the steps: You will be surprised by the amazing results it can produce.

Conclusively here is a resourceful list of tools & tutorials which every beginner should go through to enhance their affiliate marketing & content strategy.

Content Marketing Resources 

Content Strategy

Creative Briefs

Guidelines + Style Guides

Information Architecture


Plain Language 

Remote Work Resources 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media

Website Audits + Analytics

Writing Tools + Tips

These resources will help you in producing & developing epic content for your online business.