Top 10 Cold Email Marketing Strategies

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Cold Email Marketing Best Practices (How To Do): 

Powerful Email Tips & Strategies To Use In Your Digital Marketing Services

What is Cold Email Marketing?

A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact or for the first time. It can also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling used in marketing for all kinds of companies like insurance firms. Cold emailing is an element of email marketing and differs from transactional and warm emailing. Cold email, according to its proponents, is not spam. 

Top 10 Cold Email Marketing Strategies

If you have an affiliate marketing website or in fact any kind of online businesses, then you may very well have heard of Email Marketing as part of your lead capturing strategy, but have you heard of Cold Email Marketing as well?  

If you want to start to learn the methods of Cold Email Marketing & Mastery, then this blog post is a hidden gem for you. So here are some effective yet powerful 10 top tips and tricks that you can easily apply immediately to your cold marketing email tactics without much hassle:

#1 - Keep it simple short. You can’t write a storybook essay, no matter how professional you think your copy is. Attention spans are instinctively short. You have literally less than 10 seconds to convince someone that they should respond to you. Your maximum email length should be about 3 sentences long.

#2 - Email Signatures:  Make a point to sign off with your real first name (without links). By having a short signature, you aren’t drawing attention away from the main message.

#3 - Personalization: Incorporate words and phrases that speak exclusively to the business owner.

#4 - Keep it user friendly. Showcase yourself as a person who truly wants to help their business. Don’t let your pride get in the way. Nobody wins an email battle.

#5 - Automation is the keyword: Finding local businesses, writing time consuming individual emails, and tiringly sending one by one is super exhausting (trust me on this).

#6 - Should Not Do - Images or attachments of any kind. This includes your pictures of your awesome face, case studies, proposals, samples, screenshots, etc. Machines will detect images and attachments in mass quantities and send it directly to spam. Save those special attachments for AFTER cold email when you’ve already had a real conversation with them.

#7 - Do Not Stuff Links of any nature. Machines (as well as human beings) always and surely see links in a cold email as spam. The purpose of a cold email isn’t to drive traffic to your website, sales page, or Facebook page, it’s to get them on the phone.

#8 - Avoid At Any Cost: Sly Salesy Language. Don’t use any words in your email that looks or sound unusually pushy, psychologically manipulative, cheap, far-fetched, or shady. If you need any of those things for your email offer to be perceived as valuable and knowledgeable, a cold email can’t fix your problem.

#9 - Don't Do Lengthy Signatures: Don’t use your formal default signature. Just Remember, no links or attachments whatsoever. Just simply have a friendly sign-off with just your name.

#10 - Lastly Never Do This: Faking and Misguided replies with re: or fwd: - Its just unethical and describes a really LOW character.

Pro Email Marketing Tip: 

What makes one email marketing business succeed… where another one fails miserably? 

It’s NOT the product. 

It’s NOT where or how you advertise. 

And It’s NOT your price. 

One thing that can totally KILL your results is the email that you chose to send. 

Nothing else is as important as having an attention-grabbing, click-getting email. 

That’s where it all starts from. 

See… your email either pulls prospects and customers in… or it pushes them away. 

So if your email doesn't do the job -- nothing else matters. 

Find an email that works, and your business can soar to new heights because you'll reach more of your list. 

But if you use the same kind of emails most email marketers do, you could easily go broke. 

Now here’s the thing... 

You don’t have to crack your brain and test your creativity HOPING to come up with a winner. 

Doing it this way can give you a disturbing migraine -- unless you’re already an experienced email copy writer

It’s much easier to simply “model” previous success, rather than reinvent the wheel.

And that's where this resource comes in handy.