Freelance Writing Success Stories: How Steffanie Moyers Made $11,200 In 30 Days

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For those who complain that the freelancing job market is overcrowded or unwelcoming to newcomers, freelance writer Steffanie Moyers has shown that there is real money to be made online yet again. 

Steffanie arrived to the  Hollywood industry just about six years ago to work in the entertainment field, knowing she heavily desired to be a writer of some nature while following the usual path to writing employment career. 

Steffanie had worked with some of the top writers in the industry at NBC, MGM, and NETFLIX, to name a few, yet she felt completely unfulfilled at the end of the day.

Steffanie began taking online classes and exploring what else she might do with her native writing skills after realizing that her dream of becoming a full-time writer and working for herself was practically unattainable. 

That's when she came across a TikTok video describing the six-figure potential of working as a freelance writer on the website

Steffanie plunged in headlong and signed up on the site that week, which piqued her curiosity just enough to give it a try.

With +$1,000 in her initial month and +$2,000 in her second, the money continued to roll in.  Steffanie is on course to comfortably make six figures this year, having earned +$10,000 in April 2021 alone and bringing in more than $5,000 as of May 11, 2021.

Steffanie currently offers the following services on her Fiverr profile: health and wellness blog writing, nonfiction book formatting and editing, article writing, website content writing, Instagram captions, email editing, script writing, fiction book editing, press release writing, and e-book writing. 

Here is an example article of 5 Benefits of Freelancing on Fiverr that we hired Steffanie to write for our website.

Steffanie's Fiverr profile has an astounding +300 positive reviews and an almost perfect 5-star rating average, demonstrating her commitment to writing and customer/client service.

Steffanie's newfound wealth and freedom have also allowed her to return to her origins as a novelist, and she is nearly finished with her fifth novel, which she is currently pitching to publishers. When asked what her achievement is beyond freelancing at Fiverr, and working for herself, Steffanie implied, “it’s to be a full-time novelist whose books get adapted to screen while hiring enough people to fully automate my copywriting and book editing business.”

In the following two months, she also plans to publish an e-book about how she got started freelancing.

Sharing Her Inspiring Story with the Crowd

Steffanie, just like ample of freelancers who experience explosive success in a rather short amount of time, still works a day job from her home and earns passively with her Fiverr revenue for the time being. 

However, she plans to go for a  full-time income with freelancing by this summer, while sharing her incredible journey with as many audiences as possible. 

This is exactly the reason why Steffanie posts consistently to her TikTok social media account, which has acquired well over 10,000 followers at present. She is concretely informational, highly educational, and candid about mental health advocacy and support.

Most of all, Steffanie really wants her dedicated followers to realize that if this success could happen to her, it can surely happen to them too.

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