Expand Your Email Newsletters with 6 Psychological Tips and Tricks

newsletter marketing strategy

Email Newsletter Marketing Strategy

As privacy concerns continue to grow, individuals are finding more ways to keep their online behaviors a secret. This has put advertising media & marketing companies in a crunch and is making email newsletters the latest and most effective way to market and get your brand or business name out there.

Whether you have an established brand, business, or are simply looking to grow your blog, a newsletter subscription model is the perfect tool to help you gain more traction.

Here are top 6 psychological tips and tricks to expand your email newsletters and gain higher conversion rates.

#1 - Welcome emails that immediately flood someone’s inbox are chronically ignored. To skirt around this issue, you can try the tactic of delaying your welcome email by at least a total of 30 to 60 minutes. Statistically, if people open your welcome emails, they are also more likely to respond to and read the email newsletters you send afterward.

#2 - Automated welcome emails are often not very welcomed at all. It is well-known that individuals would much rather receive this type of email from a real person, rather than an automated entity. This increases the likelihood that they will respond better to your next email newsletter.

#3 - Frequency: Try letting individuals pick how often they wish to receive your email newsletters. If the newsletters go out quite often and automatically, people are more likely to get weary and unsubscribe to keep their inboxes from being inundated. Letting individuals choose the frequency they desire, whether it is weekly, monthly, or so forth, gives them a feeling of control that they are sure to appreciate. However, it is important to note that with varying frequencies, the content of the newsletters themselves may need to be adjusted in order to fit with your brand or business goals.

#4 - Expectations: Individuals are less likely to unsubscribe from your email newsletters if they know more of what to expect. This is where putting a sample on the signup page is highly beneficial. They will know more of what it is they are signing up for, and it will give you the chance to showcase the valuable content that they do not want to miss out on. For example, you can try putting a copy of a past newsletter on the signup page to show people the value of your content before they subscribe. In addition, this is beneficial for elevating the conversion rates that occur from your landing page.

#5 - Good Humor: Try mixing it up in your email newsletters a bit. For example, instead of strictly letting them be informative, throw in some jokes, puns, or good humor. Entertainment is key to maintaining a following of loyal subscribers. Also, consider adding memes or enticing links to achieve this goal.

#6 - Encourage CTA: Do not forget a call to action at the end of your email newsletters. For example, ask subscribers to share the newsletter and its content with their friends or on their social media accounts. Rewards and incentives may also be used to encourage them to refer others.

In conclusion email marketing is the most:

  • cost-efficient strategy to develop an asset that you own.

  • One that can never be taken away by big brother.

  • One that will grow right along with you.

  • And in time, they will not let you go.

  • They are your family.

  • Your private community group.

  • They standby to hear your voice.