TOP 10 Effective Tips For CPA Promotion


How To Promote CPA Offers In Affiliate Marketing

10 Best Effective Tips For CPA Promotion

How To Promote CPA Offers:

Today I really wanna share you some of my specially researched and effective techniques to promote CPA offers.

There are 2 choices for promoting offers, one is White Hat technique, and another is the dreaded black hat method.

However I only use white hat methods right from the beginning and strongly recommend you do the same for ethical and consistent results.

Do take note that black hat is just total dishonesty in moral terms. Always keep in mind, unethical ways will get you nowhere at the end of the day.

I’ve carefully crafted out my 10 top proven methods to promote cpa offers:

10 Proven Methods

  • Pre-sell your CPA offers by blogging or writing articles about them

  • Suit your CPA offer to your subject. For example, if your CPA offer is for a free sample of a derma care cream, make sure your accompanying articles deal with derma skin care. Elementary, you may think – but people do forget!

  • Fill out the entire application. Don’t miss a single box – this is the #1 cause of applications getting rejected. Write or fill in something – even if it’s just “N/A” or “0”

  • Check out - There are many great leads and resources at this site.

  • Even the smallest tweak can make a difference. Don’t just let your pages sit. Try different headlines and subheads. Rearrange elements on your page. Use different words.

  • Use Social Networking to drive traffic to your CPA site articles

  • Have a mix of high-paying and low-paying CPA offers. While it’s great to have high paying CPA offers, usually it is more difficult to achieve conversions with these (for one thing, there are more steps the reader must take – which increases the chance of your reader aborting the process). Low-paying CPA offers are usually much simpler and easier. A mix is the best way to start.

  • Use viral videos. These are a great way to drive people to your CPA landing pages.

  • Check with your CPA Network or company how long they plan to have the product or offer available. It’s happened before – people have put detailed effort into a CPA offer only to find out it’s being pulled from circulation the very next week!

  • Study your CPA offer’s landing page, if one is provided for you. Make sure it has a strong headline and call to action, as well as no distractions such as external links.