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Best YouTube Videos To Start & Learn Affiliate Marketing

Top YouTube Channels To Learn Affiliate Marketing With Courses

Get High Quality Educational Courses & Valuable Insights To The Best Affiliate Marketing Youtube Channels: Learn How To Start & How To Do The Right Way

Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners

Enroll in one of the top affiliate marketing course to develop your skills as an affiliate marketer by learning about niche marketing, network building, and prospective techniques and best practices. 

The subject of this training course is precisely affiliate marketing, which has been growing in popularity for a while. Nowadays, everyone uses affiliate marketing, from tiny business owners to leading worldwide corporations. 

This course begins with an introduction to affiliate marketing, including its advantages and various strategies. 

You will learn more in this course about Affiliate Marketing Networks, picking a niche, and Traffic Generation Techniques. 

The data backed and cleverly planned lessons will provide you the opportunity to learn about the elements needed to build an affiliate marketing website and the top strategies you may apply. 

Additionally, you'll learn about the typical errors that newbies in affiliate marketing make.

Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

In the featured youtube videos below are real life affiliate marketing experts as well as bloggers like adam enfroy, who has been in the industry for over 3 years and has helped their clients earn several million dollars, will show you how to do it step-by-step.

He will also share his insights on how to build an online business with affiliate marketing and what are the best tools and resources available for affiliate marketers.

Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing On Youtube

Youtube has not only revolutionized the entertainment Industry, but has also become an undeniable source of great video tutorials on countless topics of interest such as Affiliate Marketing For Beginners, Affiliate Marketing Free Course and youtube monetization course.

Talented individuals teach you how to start and learn affiliate marketing, blogging and multitude of ways to make money on youtube & internet and earn digital income online through extraordinary video courses & training on the youtube platform.

Despite of where you are on your online business journey, the YouTube channels displayed in this post will provide you with something extremely useful and valuable insights. But before we get started quite often you will encounter a major problem with affiliate marketing advice. 

If you perform a search on YouTube for "affiliate marketing" you will notice all that pops up  are videos about ClickBank, sleazy tactics, and unrealistic expectations. Here is one such example of a video on "Fake Gurus on Youtube" - where I replied to a question posted on Quora. 

The first thing you need to understand is that 90% of what you see on YouTube about learning affiliate marketing or side hustles is bogus and the videos are only being created for views. 

Because they know no one wants to hear about how you worked for a year to slowly build up an affiliate business that finally allowed you to quit your day job. 

They want to hear how you made ten thousand dollars in the first 24 hours of starting affiliate marketing and how you retired a few weeks later a complete millionaire. 

Now that would be great if that had actually happened to anybody but I don't know anybody personally who's actually managed to pull that off yet. 

That's how 90 percent of the YouTube videos in the space look and that's because they're getting paid every time someone watches their video. 

They need millions and millions of views and they don't need to tell the truth and that's because all the YouTubers are getting paid based on how many views they get, not on actual value and how well their video actually shows their viewers real substance essential strategies that work. 

So you need to watch every video with a wary eye assuming that they're probably out there to get you the next thing. 

To get started now, here are the: 

Top 5+ Affiliate Marketing Video Tutorials on Youtube.

Step-by-step instructions & professional guide to let anyone create a website, blog, or online store. Complete tutorial on how to build a +$1000 per month affiliate marketing website.

Who is Hogan Chua?

Hogan Chua was born in Melbourne, Australia, to Malaysia Chinese Parents who migrated there in the late 80’s. He feels blessed and thankful to his parents for that as Melbourne is an awesome place to live. 

He has been successfully teaching individuals on how to make affiliate marketing websites & related topics from early 2015. He shows you not only "How" but "Executes The Training Live".

The Caffeinated Blogger channel will assist you in earning money online through a variety of strategies, including blogging, affiliate marketing, and creating and promoting a website or blog.

Who is Greg Kononenko?

Greg Kononenko is the founder of Caffeinated Blogger.

On his youtube channel, he teaches individuals to learn:

In this video and in-depth tutorial, you will learn step by step how to start an Affiliate Marketing website from scratch even though you have no experience what Affiliate Marketing is and how it exactly works. 

Who is Ferdy Korpershoek?

Ferdy Korpershoek and his Youtube channel is all about teaching you how to make an affiliate marketing Wordpress website yourself. He teaches about Elementor, Elementor Pro, the Astra theme, Kadence theme, Divi and other Wordpress related tools.

Besides that he also teaches about email marketing tools like Convertkit and Mailchimp. About SEO Tools like Yoast SEO and Rank Math and now and then he talks about Affiliate Marketing as well & How to make money online.

His way of explaining is super simple and straightforward. He greatly loves what he is doing and looks forward to make more and engaging videos than ever before and see his audiences gain the most valuable insights in his video tutorials.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we show you how to make money with affiliate marketing, how does it work and how to start making digital revenue online.

Santrel Media Review

Santrel Media offers resourceful & innovative marketing solutions to enhance business profitability and efficiency, with a focus on the cross-departmental customer experience. They deliver business growth through quantifiable affiliate marketing programs that drive leads, support sales, and strengthen quality.

Santrel was born out of necessity. In his fast-changing world, it is vital for individual businesses to have an effective marketing strategy which provides a positive return on investment and increases brand awareness.  For some online businesses, organic marketing is optimal, for others, paid advertising is better, and for most, we incorporate a combination of the two.  

At Santrel Media they push their clients into the most effective & efficient marketing channels of the current year & not yesterday or 5 years ago. 

Here is the timeline for this step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorial video:

Video Timestamps: 

0:00 - Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

3:20 - What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work? 

7:03 - Important Affiliate Notes

9:16 - How To Find Affiliate Products 

22:32 - Free vs Paid Traffic Methods

25:08 - How To Get Traffic Leads

34:00 - How To Make An Affiliate Website

If you want to seriously know how to start affiliate marketing in 2021 & beyond, the best strategies for affiliate marketing, or my top tips and tricks for affiliate marketing, this trainining video course is for you. 

Youtuber Charlie Chang

Charlie Chang is a 29-year-old online entrepreneur based in Southern California of United States. 

He runs multiple businesses ranging from E-commerce online stores to his own real estate brokerage services, and originate mortgages as well. In the past, he has had experience in modeling, photography, and pretty much everything under the sun.

He is enthusiastic in creating videos about personal finance, earning money online, affiliate marketing,  investing, productivity, real estate, and business entrepreneurship. He is a huge proponent of self-employment and building up multiple streams of fruitful income. 

If this sounds interesting to you, you can subscribe to his channel to learn even more!

how to start a youtube channel in 7 steps

How To Start A Youtube Channel In 7 Steps

Best Youtube Tools To Grow Your Channel

Best Youtube Chrome Extention

Successful YouTube Channel Requires A Lot of Time and Energy. TubeBuddy is a chrome browser extension that helps you get more views and increase your subscribers by providing time saving tools.

Best Youtube SEO Tool

VidIQ is a SaaS technology application created to help YouTube creators find topic and strong keywords for their videos. The software tool also has a robust YouTube SEO feature set that assists with creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions and tags. 

VidIQ is one of the best SEO tools to acquire knowledge needed to grow your audience faster on YouTube.  

Latest Additions: Youtube CPA Marketing Mastery

 [A Model Of Affiliate Marketing]

#6 -  CPA Marketing Video: Best Tutorial For Beginners To Learn CPA Marketing With Examples

How To Get Started In CPA Affiliate Marketing

Cost Per Action Marketing Is An Easy Version Of Affiliate Marketing & Recommended For Beginners: Learn Its Definition +Networks +Strategies +Offers +Payment Systems +Traffic Sources

CPA Marketing Video Tutorial Outline:

CPA Affiliate Marketing Introduction 0:00

What is CPA All About? 1:57

CPA Case Studies 2:37

How to find CPA offers? 3:19

CPA Networks For Beginners 4:00

Maxbounty CPA Network Example 5:54

CPA lead Example 6:33

CPA Marketing Tips 7:30

How To Promote CPA Offers The Right Way 8:43

CPA Marketing Report: Beginners Method (Locker) 9:13

CPA Tips & Tricks (PLR) 11:25

Free Affiliate Marketing Support 13:44

Advanced CPA Promotion Methods 14:14

H-Educate Channel

Hasan Is An Inspiring Asian Entrepreneur Online And The Original Founder of H-EDUCATE In Which He Teaches As Well As Encourages Individuals All Over The Globe On How To Make Money Online In All Areas Of Digital Marketing Including Affiliate & CPA Marketing. 

Hasan Is An Extremely Hard Working Individual With A Great Soft Heart To See Others Succeed & Often Goes Beyond His Means To Help Newbies In The Best Way Possible.

It Is Utterly Clear That He Truly Loves His Online Business And Is One Of The Most Active & Highly Successful Educator. 

His Youtube Channel Presents An Abundance Of Opportunities To Start Earning Digital Income On The Internet Even If You Are A Total Beginner With Zero Experience.

#7 - Affiliate Marketing Business Tutorial From Scratch [2023] - Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy Earns An Average of +$2600 Per Day In His Affiliate Marketing Business. He Has Managed To Turn An Online Business Into Real Wealth In Just Under 2 Years. Adam Enfroy Teaches One Of The Most Important Aspects In A Blogging Business: "How To Blog Like A Real Business"

Who is Adam Enfroy? 

Adam Enfroy launched his blog as a side hustle project back in 2019 just before the worldwide pandemic took place and fast forward today December 2021 it has emerged to become one of the fastest-growing blogging businesses in the new digital economy. His blog has made revenues over $1 million in under 24 months with very little up front budget spent on advertising.

His work has attracted established institutions like Entrepreneur & Business Insider, and eventually even Forbes publications took notice of his business.

He now teaches blogging business to 500k monthly readers and 49,000+ blogging students on how to start a blog and treat it like a real business in the real world and scale up their influence at startup speed (subscribe to his new YouTube channel).


Learning and starting affiliate marketing on YouTube can be a great way to make serious money. By partnering with affiliate brands, you can create videos about their products and then include links to those products in the description of your video. When someone clicks on the link and buys the product, you earn a commission.

There are a ton of great affiliate marketing resources on YouTube. 

Here are some of our alternate favourites:

1. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners by Project Life Mastery

This channel provides an excellent introduction to affiliate marketing for beginners. It covers everything from choosing a niche and finding products to promote, to building a website and generating traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing Tips by AffiliateFix

This channel offers top tips and advice for affiliates, from choosing a niche and finding products to promote, to driving traffic and increasing conversions.

3. Affiliate Marketing Tutorials by Techboomers

This channel provides clear and concise tutorials on various aspects of affiliate marketing, such as setting up a website, creating content, and driving traffic.

4. Affiliate Marketing for Dummies by Dummies.com

This channel provides a comprehensive overview of affiliate marketing, from choosing a niche and finding products to promote, to building a website and generating traffic.