Matt Par's YouTube Mastery Course Review: 

A Comprehensive Guide For Beginner Youtubers

Matt Par Youtube Course Review

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Matt Par Youtube Monetization Course Review


If you're interested in learning about "matt par" you may have come across Matt Par's YouTube Mastery Course on the topic. In this review, we'll provide an overview of the course and discuss its pros and cons to help you decide if it's right for you.

About Matt Par

Matt Par is a successful young YouTube expert who's goal is to help you succeed and make money on YouTube without making videos or showing your face and using tools like tubebuddy.

His highly successful youtube mastery and monetization training course is considered to be one of the best youtube course and community on the youtube channel market.

It reveals how Matt Par runs 9 different youtube niche channels without even showing his face.

Matt Par has acquired over 200 million views from all his highly exclusive and successful youtube channels and has achieved the following prestigious awards: gold play button for topping 1 million subscribers on his number one channel and various silver play buttons for marking 100,000 subscribers on several other youtube channels. 

Overview of the course:

Matt Par's YouTube course is a series of videos totaling over 10 hours in length. The course is organized into sections, with each section covering a specific aspect of the topic. In addition to the videos, the course includes quizzes to test your understanding and assignments to apply what you've learned.

One of the strengths of the course is its comprehensive nature. Matt Par does an excellent job of covering all the key points of monetizing a youtube channel in an engaging and understandable way. His explanations are clear and supported by examples, which makes the material easier to grasp.

Pros of the course:

There are several pros to taking Matt Par's YouTube course. One of the main benefits is the quality of the content. As mentioned earlier, Matt Par does a great job of explaining the material in an easy-to-understand way. He also uses a variety of examples to illustrate the concepts, which helps to make the material more relatable.

Another pro of the course is its structure. The sections are well-organized and build upon each other, allowing you to gradually increase your understanding of the topic. The quizzes and assignments also help to reinforce the material and ensure that you are retaining the information.

Cons of the course:

While there are many positives to the course, there are a few cons to consider as well. One potential drawback is that the course is quite long, totaling over 10 hours. This may be a challenge for those with limited time to devote to learning. Additionally, the course does not include any direct support from the instructor, so if you have questions or need clarification on a particular point, you may be on your own.


Overall, Matt Par's YouTube course on "youtube mastery" is a comprehensive and well-structured resource for learning about the topic. The clear explanations and useful examples make the material easy to understand, and the quizzes and assignments help to reinforce the concepts. However, the length of the course and lack of instructor support may be drawbacks for some learners.

Personal reflections:

I personally found the course to be very helpful in increasing my understanding of how to monetize a youtube channel without making any mistakes from the beginning. The clear explanations and examples made it easy to follow along, and the quizzes and assignments helped to solidify the material. While the length of the course was a bit of a commitment, I feel that it was worth it for the wealth of information that I gained. Overall, I would recommend the course to anyone looking to learn about matt par's monetization strategies of youtube channels.


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