4 Best Business Ideas For Students (2021)

4 Simple Business Ideas for High School Students

When students are in high school, they often aren’t pondering about creating a new business idea and building their own wealth.

But it might very well be an excellent idea for them to do it and learn about business finances, while earning some income.

Most students are youthfully open to new ideas, so it’s fairly easy to convince a high school student to go for a business startup.

In fact, many of the most successful businessmen in the world started out when they were just teenagers.

They started out real small and built upon their businesses until they turned them into multi-million dollar enterprises.

It’s never too early to start getting in touch with your inner entrepreneur.

The Big Question is…“What type of business can a high school student create?”

These business ideas are well-suited for high school students:

  • There are literally thousands of people who will gladly pay someone to write articles for their businesses. Writing articles isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Mostly, it just takes some practice to gain some skills up your sleeves. Some writers can even type up a 600 word article in less than 20 minutes.

  • The internet is a giant place to seek out those who need content for their websites, blogs or products. Your son or daughter can advertise their writing services on a digital freelance marketplace website or design their personal freelance writing website.

  • If they manage to find the right clients and provide an excellent service, eventually, they could even create a lucrative future career out of it.

2. Freelance photography.

  • Does your teenager have a camera? They can offer their services as a professional photographer at various events and gatherings. The opportunities are truly unlimited by nature.

  • Weddings are often an excellent source of passive income for freelance photographers.

  • They can even do photo shoots of children, families, or birthday parties.

3. Manual labor jobs.

  • There is a constant ongoing demand for services like lawn mowing, landscaping, and painting.

  • The easiest way for your teen to start these kinds of businesses is to approach others directly and offer them their services.

  • For a lawn mowing business, they can locate a house that has an overgrown lawn and simply ask the owner if they would like to hire them to cut the lawn. It won’t take long before they get a few return customers.

  • Manual labor can be difficult. However, once the business starts to take off, your teen can hire more help to make the work load lighter. Or there’s also the possibility to outsource the entire business operation.

4. Freelance virtual digital assistant

Many freelancing platforms like Upwork feature tons of digital assistant chores that virtually anyone can do. Many of them are simple data entry tasks that require a little research, but mainly just copy and paste to create data spreadsheets.

  • Typical hourly pay for these tasks is more than the standard minimum wage in most states.

  • This is a great way to choose what times of day and how much time you want to devote to earning some money, as opposed to wasting time.

  • Some digital assistant tasks involve social media, which many teenagers already know much about.

High school students have a lot of spare-time and usually spend it playing video games online ir on smart phones. That time can honestly be spent on building a sustainable business instead. With these ideas and some guidance, a student can get rid of those video games behind and become a business owner.

These business ideas don’t require any graduation diplomas or any previous experience. Anyone can use these great business ideas to generate some additional income. At first, it might be a little nerve racking, but after the initial steps it will be much easier.

Why would you want your teenager to create a real business? They learn valuable life lessons about becoming financially stable in this uncertain era. Even if building a business doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, it’s a great experience. Encourage your teenager to give it a try!