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Case Study: CPA Marketing Using Facebook Ads To Promote Car Insurance Offers - Anatomy of a Successful Campaign

In this special post by Market Call Affiliate Network - we present a highly successful CPA marketing case study from our internal media buying service on running a campaign on Car Insurance CPA offer with Facebook ads.

We run several different white hat campaigns on Pay Per Call, CPA and CPL basis, so we finally got time to test one of the most popular verticals - auto insurance.

This offer is 100% white hat, so you don’t experience account bans in any traffic sources. You need to use a pre lander page, as Facebook doesn’t allow you to redirect links in ads.

We started promoting several car insurance offers in October 2020. During that time we tested several approaches and found which ones worked better and then scaled them in November. We splitted traffic between several car insurance offers, so our payout per lead was in the range of $6.5 to $8.5 per lead. 

Average EPC of the offers was $3.8 (we excluded days when Facebook bots actively visited our lander). Payout varies depending on weekdays and time (night hours and weekends are usually paid lower than average). With each offer we got payout and caps bump once they had checked our traffic quality. 

Campaign and ad sets settings:

- Campaign type: conversions

- Optimization with a pixel installed on page after lead submit

- Targeting M/F 25-55 years old.

- Placements: All Feeds 

Our tactics for launching new creatives was the following: launch with a $50 budget per day, check 2 day performance, if the ROI is negative, then pause and delete the ad. Make the same ads and try again 3-4 times until positive ROI. 

Sometimes Facebook algorithm may target the wrong audience, after some attempts you will stick to the most converting one.

Important part is that you should always have conversion pixel installed to allow Facebook algorithm to learn and optimize.

Our system allows you to automatically place your pixel on the page after lead submit to track your leads. 

Ad creatives:

We can’t share exact creatives that we used but can share similar approaches that we found on spy tools:


Ideas for the text ads:

We found that images with people have higher CTR than images with cars. There was no big difference in CTR between images with male and female.

Video ads had higher CTR but were harder to create as you need to pay freelancers to make them and wait several days.


If you have spy tools, you will easily find similar creatives for the inspiration.

Landing Page

We used a simple prelander with a one step form where the customer should fill his zipcode and then we redirected him to the offer page. Example of such a prelander is below (note: not our real prelander).


Our pre landing page showed a conversion rate of 43%, while offer pages conversion rate was in the range of 45-53%. Some offers allow to pass customer data in tracking link, so you can collect more info on your prelander like this:


We didn’t test this approach as we were running several offers, most of them didn’t have option to pass customer data.

Campaign Results:

Period: November, 2020

Payout per lead: $6.5-$8.5

Revenue: $18 494

Expenses: $15 384

Net Profit Gains: $3,435

ROI: 20%

Traffic source: Facebook ads 

We used only one ad account and didn’t have any issues with bans and suspensions. It was our second month running this vertical and we got 20% ROI. We consider it as a positive result, as it’s whitehat offer in a huge market and we are going to scale this campaign in several months. Our profit also was affected by Black Friday (27 Nov) and Cyber Monday (30 Nov), in that period CPM was really high which resulted in negative ROI.

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