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CPA Networks Instant Approval Guide & Reviews

In This Post We Provide Beginner And Newbies Tutorial Guide For Getting Much Quicker Acceptance Into CPA Affiliate Networks.

Learn How To Get Approved Instantly At CPA Networks With Rather Simple Tips And Tricks.

The Business Of CPA Affiliate Marketing Has Changed Dramatically Over The Past Decade, And Gone Are The Days Of Just Quickly Signing-Up To Affiliate Networks And Only Expecting Instant Approval To Run Offers. Getting Accepted Into Networks And Getting High Converting Offers Is Getting Harder And Much More Tougher. As A Powerhouse Affiliate Member We Offer A Simple Solution To Getting Approved. Affiliati CPA Network Has Been In The Game For Over A Decade & They Have Exclusively Agreed To Ease Up Their Requirements For Our Paid Members. So Follow The Guidelines Below To Get In And Running And Stay Running.

When Applying To Any Reputated CPA Affiliate Networks Like MarketCall Or MaxBounty, You Should Always Be Totally Honest And Upfront About Your Marketing Intentions. Not Doing So Can Result In Total Rejections.

In case you don't know who MAXBOUNTY (Affiliate Network Based In Canada) are, they are one of the biggest mainstream CPA affiliate networks on the planet. (Our Top Recommended CPA Network) They provide:

  • Weekly payments that they are never late.

  • Over 1,500 campaigns to advertise across all traffic types like surveys, freebies, financial, insurance, dating, diet, gaming & casino etc.

  • A highly responsive Affiliate Manager whom you can reach through phone, IM or email.

  • High CPA payouts and pretty much any offer you need in any niche.

Instant Approval Tips: 6 Steps To Follow

1-Be Professional With Good Intentions

It Is Really Important To Look And Act Professional When Applying To Affiliate Networks. It May Not Be Required, But Having A Website For Your Business Can Help With Getting Approved. A Simple Site Outlining Your Business Can Help You Get Approved To Affiliate Networks And Even Traffic Sources.

2-Get To The Focus Point

Be Clear In Your Answers To Any Questions Asked Of You. If You Are Asked For Your Marketing Plan To Be Submitted, Give Them Whatever They Are Asking For. Many Times The Network Has Long-Standing Or High-Volume Traffic That Can Be Ruined By New Or Fraudulent Traffic. When Asked For Your Marketing Plan It Is To Ensure Your Traffic Is Compliant And Everyone Is Happy.

3-Use Proper Professional English Grammar

If You Use Sentences Like "Dear Kind Sir. Me Bring Good Traffics Approve Me All Offers" Or "I Is Approved For Big Networks" You Will Get Denied.

4-Don't Lie Or Make False Statements

I Can't Stress The Need For Transparency And Honesty. If You Lie To Your Affiliate Network Or Manager It Will Catch Up To You Every Time. The Traffic Rules Are There To Maintain A Long Lasting Relationship With All Parties Involved. If You Say You Are Sending Paid Social Media Traffic But You Are Spamming Your Facebook Friends And Pages You Will Get Caught.

5-Build A Reliable Trusted Relationship

Affiliate Networks Are An Invaluable Resource For Most Affiliates. Don't Ask When Your Payment Is Coming If You Don't Hit The Required Threshold Or If You Haven't Built A Relationship. If The Minimum Payment Is 150 Dollars Don't Send 60 Dollars In Traffic And Constantly Bug Your Manager Or Network For Payment. On That 60 Dollars Of Traffic You Sent They Probably Have About 6 Dollars Of Gross Profit. It's A Good Way To Waste Their Time And Get Your First And Last Payment From Them Ever.

6-And Simply Just Follow Through It Naturally

Cost Per Action Affiliate Networks And Most Managers Earn Money Through Flowing Traffic Only. If You Request A New Offer You Need To Send Traffic. If You Are Requesting Offers And Not Sending Traffic You Are Wasting The Network's Time. Expect To Get Ignored After Failing To Send Traffic After Requesting Access To Several Offers.

CPA Affiliate Network Spotlight: - expedited approval process for:

Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Members

Marketcall is a Pay Per Call (PPC) and lead generation affiliate network built on solid in-house tracking technology. Established in 2015 and works with CPA offers from the United States and Europe. The network welcomes affiliates and publishers for calls and leads marketing campaigns.

Our Pay Per Call verticals include: Insurance (Health, Medicare, Auto, Life, Home), Finance (Debt, Tax Debt, Credit Repair), Home Services and Home Improvement, Travel.

Our LeadGen (CPL) verticals include: Insurance (Health, Auto), Debt Settlement, Home Warranty, Home Improvement, Nutra, Keto, Solar.

Here is an example case study on auto insurance offer using facebook ads.

Best converting traffic sources for our cpa offers: Paid search (Google, Bing (Microsoft Ads), SEO, Social (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat), Display Ads, Native Ads, Email, SMS, Call centers.

List of 9+ Top CPA Affiliate Networks To Consider In 2021 With Short Reviews


Shareasale affiliate network has been in the industry for nearly 20 good years, and they’ve worked diligently to become one of the best names in the affiliate business space.

They’re consistently making vast upgrades and improvements to their marketing program, and provide excellent opportunities for making both merchants and respected affiliates successful.

In fact proudly claim of holding a strong reputation as an honest, ethical and fair company, and their actions simply justify those words.

They provide world class customer service, highly efficient business tools and perfect data reporting.

  • ShareASale: has also captured an incredible 56% share of the worldwide affiliate marketing networking industries, according to the latest 2021 statistics from Appsero.

  • Impact Radius Affiliate: One of the most user & beginner friendly network. Big Inventory of affiliate & brand companies in which you can establish a partnership to market their respective products.

  • MaxBounty: This Top CPA network as mentioned earlier has been in business ever since 2004. They have cleverly stood the test of time to become now one of the best-reputed affiliate network in the COST PER ACTION marketing industry.

  • Admitad: This by all means is not a new CPA network, they’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and have +9300 advertisers with offers in their database that you can start running right away. These offers consists of many different verticals & geos.

✅ They will Instantly Approve You Into Their Network - Even Without A Website.

The best verticals on Admitad are: e-commerce, travel, financial offers, mobile, online gaming.

They also have an excellent selection of offers in these niches:

  • Auto +insurance products

  • Accessories

  • Pharmacy

  • Hypermarkets

  • Food delivery

  • Pet shops

  • Tools & gardening equipment

  • Internet services

  • Books

  • Health & beauty

  • Coupons

  • Furniture & household goods

  • Mobile offers

  • Music & sound

  • Apparel & shoes

  • Online games

  • Gifts & flowers

  • Soft & games

  • Sport goods

  • Kids products

  • Hobby & DIY

  • Goods from China

  • Travel

  • Digital equipment & household appliances

Top Cost Per Acquisition Offers From The USA – Shein, AliExpress, FarFetch, Adobe, iHerb, Walmart, Gearbest, Skyscanner, Endclothing, Airnbnb, Adorama, Mariott, Hostinger.

  • CashNetwork: One of the best recommended cost-per-action networks in the industry.

  • NexusOffers: wide variety of CPA Affiliate offers with great managers.

  • ClickBooth: A very popular CPA Network established in 2002 with extensive range of offers & services.

  • CPALead: Also well established and one of the most successful CPA Affiliate Network. Support is excellent and boasts one of the highest payouts.

  • ClickDealer: A relatively new network that has quickly grown to be one of the best CPA Networks in the world recently.

  • PeerFly: Also a very highly rated network operating since 2009. They have a great dashboard & support team with big traffic in several niches.

  • AdworkMedia: Has a worldwide reach in CPA Networking Industry. They have an in house built tracker system to analyze analytical data of converted click-per-action traffic.

  • Mobidea: Top CPA Network For Mobile Traffic in the world. They have countless mobile optimized CPA offers in the market.

  • HealthTrader: HealthTrader is a big affiliate network that totally focuses in the health, fitness and wellness industries. It has deep roots & founded by Blair Atkinson who has staged an extremely high reputation for himself as a reliable and trustworthy individual.

  • CrakRevenue: Primarily specialized on adult cpa iffers including dating offers. Its exclusive Geo-Matic ad tool automatically displays the best offers based on the geo-location and market of your visitors.

  • GlobalWideMedia: Also a top performing cpa network for a considerable length of time. The GlobalWide Media (GWM) was previously known as Neverblue.

  • Convert2Media: Particulary well known just recently and gaining a strong popularity.

  • MarketHealth: Focused in health & beauty niches with +200 products that they manufacture themselves.This is a friendly network if you’re selling health and beauty products and operating beyond the US, and may potentially be the best choice for you if you are specialized in this category.

  • AffiliAxe: This network is the choice for seasoned cpa marketers. Approval process can be lengthy & difficult at times.

  • Affiliati: This network offers nearly everything, including casino offers, if you are looking in the gambling/gaming niches.

  • CPAKitchen: It works in gambling & betting niches and offers a lot of profitable CPA and Revenue sharing deals.

Once you signup, they provide you offer-scripts having ad-rotating systems so the banners keep on rotating on your site/blog automatically and gets your more probability of conversion.

This way, you will be able to get the best of your traffic.

Their top 8 cpa offers include:

1) 1xBest - 27% Revenue Share

2) Aussie Play - $160 CPA

3) iLUCKI - $180 CPA

4) King Billy - €160 CPA

5) Pokerdom - $45 CPA

6) RedDog Casino - $160 CPA

7) 1Win - 50% Revenue Share

8) 1Win CPA - $45 CPA

They have many more active offers at the moment that you can get and promote through your assets.

Affiliate Networks For Beginners: How To Choose An Affiliate Network?

There are couple of affiliate network sites out there as mentioned above where a handful of brands come together and let you promote affiliate products under one platform. Before you consider to sign up to one of these marketing platforms you will want to decide if you are going to focus on one category or one brand.


If you decide to focus on a broad category or industry, look for an affiliate network to join where you can promote multiple brands and keep track of them all in one dashboard. That will help you increase your revenue faster.

There are several affiliate networks out there, so find the one that works and blend well with your niche category. You may want to explore ShareASale, which is one of the biggest and well respected networks of this type, and see if they have any particular brands that match your focus.


If you choose to work with one brand, you can work directly with the company without joining any affiliate network. For example, promoting Bluehost would be one affiliate brand, while promoting multiple clothing items companies would be an example of an affiliate network.